aquaponics course

Short Aquaponic Course

Come on a learning journey through the basic scientific requirements of successful aquaponic gardening in Australia with Andrew S. de Dezsery M.Sc. Share his vast knowledge of over 20 years of experience. Your aquaponic food system should last a lifetime because eating well is not just a hobby!

80 Slides spread over four presentations to whet your appetite for aquaponic gardening: Passive Energy | Equipment | Systems | Fish

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aquaponic course education australia

Aquaponic Farm & Fish Farm Tour

Tour with Andrew S. de Dezsery through the Aquaponic Research Farm at Lewiston South Australia and through two Fish Farms in South Australia and Victoria.

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advanced aquaponics course education australia

Advanced Aquaponics Course 102

Advanced Aquaponics Course: Status of Aquaponics, Critical Design, Water Quality, Integrated Pest Management, Fish Nutrition & Health, Fish Health, Fish Handling & Fingerlings, Solar Power in Aquaponics, Licensing & Regulation, Marketing & Produce.

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Aquaponic Course Education Australia

Aquaponic Course 101

Aquaponics History, Home Systems, Business/Commercial Trials, System Components, Startup, Water Quality, Bio-filters, Fish for Food Production, Plant Selection, Harvesting Procedures, Audio Transcripts of Course, Cost/Benefit analysis, Aquaponic Journals, Drawings, Conceptual Models, Solar Panels, Biodiesel, Skinning/Boning/Cooking Fish, Over 3GB of Information-SO MUCH In One Course! Plays on Windows PC  (for MAC boot into windows)

Aquaponic course education australia

Aquaponics Course 101+Farm Tours 3Pk

3 DVD Set – Aquaponics 101 + Fish Farm Tour + Aquaponic Farm Tour This library of Three educational Info-tainment DVD’s are a valuable resource you will refer back to over and over, You get the whole aquaponic experience and multiply your learning!

Aquaponic Course Education Australia

Aquaponic Course 101+102+Tours

Aquaponics 101+Commercial Aquaponics Course 102+Fish Farm Tour + Aquaponics Farm Tour – Normally $937  Bulk Discounted Price $749 You Save a whopping $187! FREE Shipping in AU Use coupon FREEPOST at checkout.