Aquaponics Course Value Pack 101 +102


Value Course Pack – Aquaponics 101 + Commercial Aquaponic Course 102

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Aquaponics 101 Course:

Aquaponics History, Home Systems, Business/Commercial Trials, System Components, Startup, Water Quality, Biofilters, Fish for Food Production, Plant Selection, Harvesting Procedures, Audio Transcripts of Course, Cost/Benefit analysis, Aquaponic Journals, Drawings, Conceptual Models, Solar Panels, Biodiesel, Skinning/Boning/Cooking Fish, Over 3GB of Information – SO MUCH In One Course! Plays on Windows PC  (for MAC boot into windows)

Advanced Aquaponics Course:

Disk 1  –  3.10 hours
Andrew Dezsery – Status of Aquaponics
Andrew Dezsery – Critical Design
Dr. Holger Leurssen – Water Quality
Glenys Wood – Integrated Pest Management
Asher Dezsery – Fish Nutrition & Health

Disk 2  –  2.34 Hours
Dr. Neil Griffiths – Fish Health
Asher Dezsery – Fish Handling & Fingerlings
Colin Lord – Solar Power in Aquaponics
Dr. Peter Lauer – Licensing & Regulation
Amanda Daniel – Marketing & Produce

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