Fish Food

Click Here for aquaorganic® fish food for aquaculture and aquaponics.

Aquaorganic® Australian Native Fish Food

1.8mm sinking, 3mm sinking, 5mm floating

Feed size required will depend on species mouth size:

  • Small Mouth  Silver Perch size up to <100mm, feed 1.8mm, >100mm, feed 3mm, >200mm, feed 5mm
  • Large Mouth Trout/Murray Cod  size <150mm, feed 1.8mm, >300mm, feed 3mm, >500mm, feed 5mm
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Click Here to Order aquaorganic® all natural fish food for aquaculture and aquaponics.

1.8mm, 3mm Sinking or 5mm Floating.

Bulk orders welcome, call 08 72286888.

Australian native fish food for aquaculture and aquaponics. All Natural, No GMO, No land animal ingredients for fish and plant health.

Protect your health and your investment with good nutrition and they will reward you with a stream of good quality nutrient in your Aquaponic System. Your fish rely on you for quality of life and remember that their waste is feeding your plants so eventually you will be eating what they are eating. Better to be safe and know what you are feeding your fish!

Use our all natural fish food for aquaculture and aquaponics to get the best healthy growth of your fish and plants.

Watch out for sharks! Commercial feed is not organic or natural – beware of fraudsters and other sellers copying our registered trademark. All natural fish food is only available from us here at, or websites.

Yes, you can buy cheaper feed but you get what you pay for and you may get undernourished, sick, diseased, dying fish and plants because the feed most likely has the incorrect balance of nutrients for Australian native fish; if it is even fish food at all! We have seen some people give chicken feed to fish….